7 Actions for Recruiters and Employers over the GCSE 9-1 Grade Reforms

Setting SMART Objectives

Digital Marketing company Strategy Plus offers it's insight into SMART Objectives

Your Business Strategy Needs An IT Strategy Too

Have you developed an IT Strategy aligned with your other vertical strategies aimed at contributing to your business goals?

SME Professionals: A New World Order

Accountancy is one of the most trusted professions. Many business owners or executives turn to their accountants for advice before making financial or risk commitments. However the profession is facing radical change, notably in terms of regulation, but from technology too. For the astute accountant, this is a time to embrace the change and transform their business model towards becoming not just a trusted advisor, but a trusted Business advisor.

5 Common Goal Setting Mistakes

Many business owners and senior managers will have taken time to review last year’s business performance and established new or revised goals for this calendar year. Obviously goal setting is not just for business but also for setting personal targets.