Growing Your Business

Some organisations are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and achieve record results. The majority of prosperous enterprises, however, plan for growth and success, anticipate and overcome challenges, seek and cultivate opportunities, take calculated risks, finance appropriately and mange their clients’ and employees’ satisfaction.

ICON offers a wide variety of business growth services, from reviewing your business to developing and implementing multi-year growth plans, positively engaging with your employees and stakeholders.

Minding Your Business

Planning and effecting for growth are themselves involved tasks. Often requiring the interaction of people, processes and ‘tools’ – a host of variables that require managing on a day to day basis.

Our experience has shown that people require support with developing and utilising personal skills and management techniques. We offer bespoke services to help individuals and groups take more control and accountability of their roles in line with the overall objectives of the business, enabling owners to ‘run the business’ rather than be ‘in the business’

Grant Funding

Whether it is growing your enterprise or maintaining business as usual, additional funding may be required.

Grant funding may be available at local or national level. Specialist funders other than the high street banks can offer loans at attractive rates and crowdfunding initiatives could also be availed.

ICON works with enterprises to assess the need for funding and will support in the preparation of the business plans and applications for funding, reaching out to its network of funding partners if appropriate.