No Obligation



Wherever you are in your business enterprise life-cycle, from concept to mature organisation, ICON recognises the value of being able to have a ‘fresh set of eyes’ to review the health of your venture.

That is where our complimentary No Obligation Consultation is beneficial. It is a confidential opportunity for us to meet over a tea or coffee – where you can discuss your challenges and general health of your business.

If we believe we can help, you may opt for one of our three packaged offerings below or favour a ‘pick and mix’ of the services we believe will help you overcome your challenges successfully. All services are tailored for the requirements of your enterprise.

Integrity is one of our core values. We will be honest when we believe we may not have the capabilities to assist you, and will sign-post you to one of network of partners.




No Obligation



A free no obligation consultation to familiarise ourselves with each other’s businesses. The meeting enables ICON to listen to you and understand the high level challenges and ambitions for your venture. We may even be able to provide some pointers too.

Our experience has shown that a meeting between 60 to 75 minutes can help to assess your business potential to grow and to reflect upon current or future barriers to your business growth.

Following the meeting, if we believe we can help you achieve your ambitions we will propose a formal engagement. If we believe that we cannot support your ambitions, we will let you know that too.


For fledgling ideas and Startup ventures. This is an exciting, yet daunting period full of anticipation and risk. You may be looking to validate ideas, establish or stabilise your business structure, seek access to trusted third parties, raise finance or apply for grant funding, implement basic business processes coupled with basic management techniques, branding advice or successful market entry.

Fledgling or StartUp Ventures

  • For Those with Concepts or Newly Founded Businesses
  • Half to One Day 12 – 24 Month Strategy Setting
  • Business Vision and Mission Setting
  • Business Planning
  • Brand Development / Validation
  • Basic Business Process Implementation
  • Basic Business Management Techniques
  • Scheduled Monthly 1-to-1 Coaching Reviews

Strategic Growth

  • 1 to 2 Day Strategic Review and Planning next 1 to 5 years
  • Business & Financial Planning
  • Action Planning
  • Business Analysis and Process Improvement
  • Staff Engagement
  • Integrating IT
  • Retained Monthly 1 to 1 Coaching and Strategy Reviews


You have overcome the intense start-up stage and are now generating revenue, growing your client base and hired some employees. Profits are increasing, the market is still ripe and the competition is still hot.

You now want to scale the business. This will require reviewing where you are on your strategic route-map,  improving internal processes, reducing operational inefficiencies, identifying resources required to support scaling of the enterprise.

You will be needing to delegate some of your own responsibilities and look to developing your skills and techniques with running the enterprise and becoming more of a leader.


The business is running as routine. You have a strong and loyal client base, are firmly established in the market, are competitive and achieving anticipated turnover and profit. You are in a comfortable position. 

The risk however is that the enterprise cannot stand still and must move forward – by doing nothing the competition and market will continue to move ahead.

Using this stable position your ambition is to expand into new geographies or to introduce additional product or service lines or ‘all of the above’. This requires a wider strategic review involving key stakeholders and decision makers, cost and financial needs analysis, risk assessments as well as additional resourcing analysis.

Expanding The Enterprise

  • For Business Owners, Directors, Senior Managers
  • 1 to 2 Day Strategic Review
  • Business Planning and Financial Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Strategic IT Planning
  • Senior Management Action Plan
  • Staff Engagement
  • Retained Monthly Strategic Review

Our experience with global corporate, social enterprises and SME businesses has led to the development and application of our proprietary systematic AIM approach that helps your business achieve its goals


AIM Methodology


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